• Kassandra M.

    "Delicious. The food is great and the woman is kind. Very traditional old school place takes a long while but worth it! Will come back!"

  • Tiffany H.

    "OMG! I was thrilled to discover this hidden gem. Haitian Cuisine was the one major void in San Diego. Chef Martha is the epitome of Haitian cuisine and I've had my fair share. I had the griot and peas and rice (mixed rice) which is accompanied by fried plantains and pikliz. The food legit is in strong competition with my favorite Haitian restaurant in Miami! The food is authentic, delicious, great portions, well-seasoned and straight up addictive! I've had it twice this week and will be back tomorrow!"

  • Ann V.

    "This Haitian restaurant gets 10 stars! I was so happy to find out that San Diego finally has one. Haitian food is the BEST FOOD EVER. And, I'm not just saying this because I'm Haitian American. It's TRUUUE. I've tried other ethnic foods and Haitian food is always on top because of it's authentic epis (spices) that makes the food oh so flavorful coupled with pikliz (cabbage w/ hot peppers) to give you a good kick. If you haven't had Haitian food, this is your opportunity to try it. Trust me...you won't be disappointed. Bon manje!! "

  • Jesus A.

    "What a pleasant surprise. Decided last night to try a new culture food and this place did not disappoint. Presence felt a bit lonely but it was only 5 on Saturday night. We decided to sit down at the bar and they had sports playing and seemed to have a few local and domestic beers on tab. They had one big speaker up front that echoed into the dinning room at a perfect level. To start off I ordered beef Pattie's and I expected mini steaks and they where pastie like stuffed with ground beef. I ordered a second order because they where just too good. Second starter was their plantains they where on the ok level but my partner enjoyed them. For our main dish we ordered Griot witch is fried pork as I know them carnitas with a side of pikliz (rice and beans) it felt more on the dry side but very delicious. I wished it came with some sort of side like tortillas or bread. Second main dish was legume (beef stew) with rice and beans as well. Very flavorful but not enough beef. Portion of the rice and beans where quite big but everything g else was stunning. First time to try Caribbean food and it did not disappoint."

  • Samantha W.

    "You have got to try this place! Newer spot, only been there for a year now. Doesn't look that nice on the outside but the food is fantastic. We ordered the Haitian jerk chicken and Legume (Vegetable stew w/ beef). The Haitian jerk chicken came with fried plantains...probably the best plantains I've had so far in life. I love how they were smashed. Super crisp but soft middle and seasoned nicely. The jerk chicken itself was delicious, incredibly flavorful, seasoned nicely. The legume vegetable stew with beef dish was delicious as well. Really hearty, satisfying. Great spice blend and seasoned nicely as well. The beef in the stew was so soft & moist. The mixed rice and beans that came with both dishes was so tasty too. The passionfruit juice didn't have any real passionfruit in it. It tasted good though. The lady that cooked the food was so sweet & friendly. I'm so excited to go back to try other dishes. Also, they close at 8pm 5 days out of the week. But the kitchen closes at 7:30pm."

  • Wayne K.

    "A Belly-Full of Fun & Flavors! San Diego foodies, buckle up! Caribbean Pleasure is a hidden gem you won't wanna miss. This laid-back, family-style spot serves the tastiest oxtail that'll have you drooling for days. Spice-lovers, brace yourselves for their fiery pickles that feature a ghost pepper bite. Finally, try the delectable djon djon! Only available here probably. The mushrooms are flown in to make this beautiful dish. Caribbean Pleasure is all about good vibes and great food, with a 5/5 service, 4.5/5 food, and 4.5/5 vibe. So grab your pals, head on over, and indulge in the most delightful Caribbean feast!"

  • Mary Z.

    "Caribbean Pleasure is an amazing restaurant that has quickly become one of my favorite spots inLoma portal. The food is absolutely delicious, with authentic Caribbean flavors that truly capture the essence of the region's cuisine. From the jerk chicken to the rice and beans, everything is absolutely amazing. What sets Caribbean Pleasure apart from other restaurants is that they have certified professionals working there who ensure that every dish is prepared with precision and attention to detail. The service is also fantastic, with friendly and attentive staff who are always ready to make recommendations and ensure you have a great experience. And the ambiance is lovely, with a warm and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for a night out with friends or a family dinner. Overall, Caribbean Pleasure is an excellent choice for anyone looking for amazing food, great service, and a welcoming atmosphere, all prepared by certified professionals. Also locally / family owned is a plus! "

  • Raquel A.

    "Best Haitian Food in San Diego! And they have a dance floor! The food is authentic as my haitian fiance confirmed: cooked to perfection. We continue to come back and are so happy they came to point Loma after leaving Bonita for a little bit. We missed them."

  • Anthony W.

    "The place is tucked away across from a car wash. Once you enter you feel the Caribbean vibes. Great hospitality. Food taste amazing but the jerk chicken portion was really small. I think it consisted of a drumstick and wing. I'll definitely be back and I'll be sure to order an extra portion or a side. Oh and the Pikliz is not spicy at all."

  • Mark K.

    "Great food, fresh and tasty. !!! Authentic Haitian experience . Thank you Sandra and team! "

  • Judith N.

    "Thank you to the incredible host, servers & owners of the beautiful & the only Haitian restaurant in San Diego! I was literally transported to Haiti today & my soul needed it! The food is delicious, service top notch, decor was authentic, & the location is absolutely beautiful! This was truly the perfect place to brunch on Saturday! Ps: they are kid friendly, family friendly, & date night friendly! So happy I drove by and discovered them today for their grand opening!"